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Certificate in
Digital Innovation
for Finance (CertDIF)

Our new certificate is aimed at accountancy, finance, business and advisory professionals who wish to develop their knowledge, skills and awareness of innovations in digital technology and its impact on the finance profession.

Approved Learning Partners

At ACCA Middle East, we strongly recommend that you study with an Approved Learning Partner, our statistics show that students who study with an Approved Learning Partner not only perform much better in the exams, but more students pass first time round!

The ACCA Middle East 2022 Student Financial Champion

The 2nd edition of the ACCA Middle Student Financial Champion is here. We are in search of a winner to challenge Christopher O’Mahony to become the 2022 student Financial Champion.

SMP 100

SMP 100 Middle East is a community of small and medium practices (SMPs) dedicated to sharing, supporting, asking for advice and offering each other help in order to meet the demands of their customers.



Manage your Fear to Ensure You Show Up With Confidence

Manage your Fear to Ensure You Show Up With Confidence

Join ACCA and Susan Heaton-Wright , a multi award-winning impact, communications and speaking expert for emerging leaders and the creator of the Superstar Communicator™ methodology as she talks us through how to: Manage your fear to ensure you show up with...

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    ERP & SAP Refresher Webinar with AB Innovations

    ERP & SAP Refresher Webinar with AB Innovations

    Staying up to date with the latest technology and software developments used in your day-to-day business is crucial. User awareness and knowledge of the new implemented or to be implemented technology and software at the organization is essential for successful...