Professional Accountants Centre for Training

 Founded in 1998, this institute works for promoting the financial and accounting skills of the applicants in order to face a bright and promising future in the path of knowledge and career therefore all the courses related to these two fields are being held in this centre from the basic to the professional level.

It is noteworthy that this centre is proud to run both international courses such as ACCA and localized finance and accounting courses in Persian and dozens of the students are led to ideal job positions after they receive the pertinent qualification in finance and accountancy. Moreover, as the ACCA courses should be held in English and as the English is the foreign language in Iran, in this centre the English department guides the students exactly on the right track before and during the ACCA classes to get not only the most out of the classes but also to be so successful the time that they are determined to sit the international exam. It should also be emphasized that loads of students studying ACCA with our centre could be recruited with either international and national companies in the relevant major soon after the completed courses.

It is worth mentioning that in this professional accounting centre, there are 150000 students and 200 dexterous instructors cooperating with us. It must be noted that in the international department of pact, the ACCA courses are being taught in all the three levels such as Applied knowledge level, Applied skills level, and strategic professional level is being held dynamically. In addition, we have disparate types of classes such as blending, face to face, and remote classes. During corona virus pandemic, our online team provides the learners with utmost support to use the courses effectively. It should be noted that the Chief Executive Officer of this company is Dr. Mohsen Gholamrezai, The Financial and Administrative Deputy is Mr. Mansour Mafi, and The head of International Department of PACT is Ms. Bahare Bagheri. Each learner can rely on our support and guidance through the ACCA journey.