Gheath AlSalamin


My name is Gheath AlSalamin, I am thirty years old. I was born and raised in Petra – Jordan, mystery treasury city which is one of the seven wonder places in the world. I lived there till the age of twenty one years then moved after university to start my career journey.

I work with KPMG Lower Gulf Limited “KPMG” as a Senior Supervisor with more than nine years of progressive experience in one of the Big Four Accounting Firm in the world, providing auditing services for medium to large entities with the objective to seek a strategic role in a dynamic and challenging organisation that offers opportunities to grow personally and professionally, gives value to its human resources and appreciate performance, where I shall contribute to the growth and sustainability of the organisation. I seek to use my proven skills and talent in an effective manner and in a position that can significantly contribute towards achieving strategic objectives of the organisation. My goals are to excel as a professional in the fields of accountancy, auditing and financial management while delivering the best service possible in achieving organisational visions.

I joined KPMG in December 2011 and have worked primarily on integrated audits for various institutions size. I have been within the same firm since then. My experience mainly specialising in providing audit services to diverse sectors such as: Governmental entities, Construction, Trading, Not-for-profit Organisations, Infrastructure Developer and Business Services companies. In addition to that, I am a member of KPMG technical committee for staff training and development related matters.

I have bachelor’s degree in accounting from King Hussein Bin Talal University in Jordan, going forward I have started my journey with ACCA sometime around 2013 from then on I had a lot of up and downtimes but deep down in my guts I always believe that I have started this and it must be completed with no single thoughts of giving up, now I am a qualified ACCA with active membership since June 2019 and member of Accountants & Auditor Association “UAECA” since January 2021.  It’s not the end MORE to add ON…

As your mentor, I will make sure to provide all the necessary guidance to set up your timeline for study plus choosing the right part to start with as passing in beginning will boost you up but otherwise will get you in a challenge and you can do it. Also, I can provide feedback about your progression in order to identify your current strength to make the best use of it and your weakness in order to overcome it and become a qualified member of ACCA.

A quote I like for Samuel Taylor Coleridge, the advice is like snow; the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper it sinks into the mind.


Senior Supervisor at KPMG Lower Gulf Limited

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