Osama Shaikh


I started off from one of the oldest school in South Asia (est. in 1860) to getting qualified and becoming a member of one of the oldest accounting body in the world, ACCA. Soon after completion of my ACCA studies, I was fortunate enough to continue with the legacy of getting the best from the oldest. I began working with A.F.Ferguson & Co. (a member firm of PWC – PriceWaterhouseCoopers), established by British India in 1893.

After working for almost 5 years in PWC & Deloitte Middle East as an auditor I realized it was the best time to expand my horizon and start to explore different options offered in the field of finance. Soon after realizing that, I switched my position and started working as a Financial Controller, yet again with one of the oldest companies in the oil sector established in 1972 in Abu Dhabi. (Company Name: Gulf Automation Services and Oilfield Supplies GASOS L.L.C.)

The journey has never been easier, as I was forced to cope up with many difficulties and challenges on my own. During the whole process, I think the journey would have been much easier with less of experimentation if my efforts, thinking and approach was leveraged by an experienced and honest mentor. However, as of now, I am fortunate enough to surround myself with the best mentors and striving my way towards achieving my goals.

What I can offer:
As far as I know, mentoring is a relationship that is built over time through the exchange of experience and ideas between the two or more individuals. I cannot exactly explain what I can offer as a mentor, as it depends from case to case what other person is in need of. Mentoring is not as easy as it is perceived, simply advising someone of what to do or not to do or how to. It requires a higher level of intelligence and emotional understanding of one’s situations, their abilities and active participation. It is a process of understanding a person in greater depth and situations they have been put into and advise them ways to overcome their mental barriers and help them achieve their short-term/long-term goals.


Financial controller | Gulf Automation Services and Oilfield Supplies GASOS L.L.C.

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