Trisha R. Shetty

Published on:
May 16, 2021

Audit Junior, MOORE, Dubai

Inspiration: During my enrolment at Manipal University for my Bachelor of Commerce degree, I was thoroughly encouraged and educated about the field of ACCA and it was very highly spoken about. To me, it seemed like a course that would provide insight into various areas and subjects that I hadn’t previously been exposed to, within the accounting and finance world. This was one of the major factors that inspired me to join the ACCA program. In hindsight, it was a meritorious decision.

Journey: Now, I have reached the next stage of being an affiliate, and I am currently working towards becoming a member. I am aware that being a professional comes with a lot of room for learning and improvement, and I am looking forward to this exciting time with enthusiasm and vigor. Though ACCA has not always been a smooth journey, I have had a few people support me along the way. Most importantly, my teachers have had a huge impact on how I approached my exams and tackled my study development. Always having been a backbencher with great ambition, I wanted to utilize my potential and be resourceful, although there were several moments of self-doubt that hindered me. I remember when I first failed my tax paper and Ms. Fazeela walked into the classroom and asked for my marks. When I told her, she said to me that ACCA was like a ship; I just needed to keep hanging on and just a little push would take me a long way. Well, I’m glad I kept pushing because I proceeded to complete my ACCA within the next year. This taught me to persevere even in the face of failure because failure is not a finality; it is only a step in the learning process.

At present, I’m working with Moore Dubai (an ACCA-approved employer) who were also very supportive throughout my ACCA journey. The management helps me move forward in my career path every day and often inspires me to put my professional development first. They conduct various soft skills workshops and other development training to hone our skills regularly.

ACCA Community: ACCA has provided value to many aspects of my life, both professionally and personally, and I am very proud of being part of such an interactive ACCA community. ACCA has paved the way for various new opportunities for me and introduced me to many knowledgeable people along the way.

Appreciation: My parents, Mr. Raviraj Shetty and Mrs Amitha Shetty have been the strongest support systems all along my journey; from staying up with me to dropping me to my evening classes after work to making the best study snacks and often cancelling plans to be there for me throughout this ride. I would not have made it this far without their unconditional love and blessings.

In the future that awaits me, I am eager to be more involved with the ACCA community and repay the community to the best of my abilities, for all of the wonderful experiences and knowledge I have gained through this qualification.