Ameera Khalid

Published on:
May 16, 2021

Associate, Waha Capital

ACCA Journey: I am at the cusp of being an FCCA and for me my highs and lows are the same; career progression as a woman in the industry.

ACCA Community: ACCA is one of the most innovative qualifications especially in terms of staying updated with the market requirements, the level of care and support towards candidates, affiliates, and members is outstanding and also the partnerships formulated with various universities open the doors for additional qualifications. The ability to work on my Bachelor’s degree with Oxford Brookes and career progression has been great.

The senior leadership team is very accessible especially in the Middle East and it is incredibly inspiring having a woman, Fazeela Gopalani at the helm

Any shout-outs? I’d like to thank the senior leadership and everyone at ACCA for their level of support, for keeping the community connected, and for always being present in order to help us throughout and even after our ACCA journey

I recently launched a podcast “Inspiring UAE Women”. It is the one and the only podcast focused on female leaders in the United Arab Emirates. In the show, I will be interviewing and shining the spotlight on a diverse group of female leaders in the UAE and inspire women in the region with their success stories. Fazeela Gopalani was a guest on the show as well and I’d like to thank her and Helen for their support in connecting me with some remarkable female leaders in the region. The podcast is available to stream on the Inspiring UAE Women website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. You can access it through the link: Inspiringuaewomen