Shahir Fawzi

Published on:
October 14, 2021

Senior Associate Audit and Assurance, PwC Oman

Inspiration: The journey of accounting started back in 2009 as I was first introduced to the concept of accounting and its principles. It was a bummer start back in those days where I couldn’t grasp the core knowledge of it. I can remember quite vividly that my accounting teacher threw the book on my face for not knowing the double entry for a simple sales recognition. That was the kickstart I needed in my life to present that I’m capable enough of being an Accounting professional to showcase my talent to the world.

I excelled in my IGCSEs and A levels with distinction passes for Accounting and other major subjects, that was the key moment I decided to do something really challenging to test my abilities to the utmost depth. After meticulous research, I decided to pursue ACCA as it is one of the best Accounting and Finance qualifications in the world which paves the path into various areas and subjects that I hadn’t previously been exposed to, within the accounting and finance world.

Journey: My ACCA journey wasn’t easy as I had highs and lows, as passionate as I was, I tried to overcome my struggles with this quote which I followed day in day out “The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment”. This really has kept me motivated and focused in my life on what needs to be achieved.

Down the line, I can remember that I cleared the F3 CBE exam in 40 minutes and failure in P5, and went on to score 68 marks out of 75 marks attempted in the P2 exam. Missed the prize here ☹. This was all the learning curve in my life as I was exposed to the real-world accounting realm and the challenges I needed to face as an accounting and finance professional. After my ACCA membership, I also completed the Degree from Oxford Brookes University at my first attempt with the support of my mentor which was really challenging.

Strategic Business Reporting and Audit Assurance are my favorite subjects which currently help me a lot in my profession at PWC. This only makes me realize every now and then, that my first step of choosing ACCA was right.

ACCA Community: ACCA has paved the way in my life, and I have inspired other backbenchers not to give up on anything that is not their forte.  Life is full of challenges and risks and one must ensure hard work, perseverance and patience are the key attributes for success.

I’m a very proud ACCA member and I have decided to pursue Msc in Professional accountancy with UOL as prestigious as it is, ACCA connects to the world full of opportunities and I’m excited to be a part of this great family.

In the future, I aspire to be an audit lecture and give back to the students and community who have less access to quality education. I also want to be part of the ACCA global fraternity and enhance my knowledge and skills with various accounting professionals.

Appreciation: I wouldn’t be the man today without the support of my parents and family members who have struggled hard to provide me with the career path which I dreamt of. I also want to mention my lectures and institutes who have supported me at the forefront of my career path.

Special mentions (ACCA lecturers) to Mr. Shaan Jayasekera, Mr. Dilshad Jiffry, Mr. Dasun Mendis and Mr. Shehan Fernando, Ms. Gayathri Thuraisamy, Mr. Thilina Ukwatta, and Mr. Nassah Nawaz.

Other lecturers: Mr. Jairaj Krishnakumar, Mr. Arabind Kanesathas, and Mr. Hashan Madushanka, and Ms. Sandya Hewage.

“The pain of discipline is nothing like the pain of disappointment”