Abdul Fazil : ACCA, UAECA

Published on:
November 10, 2020

Accounts & Finance in Charge, Water Department – SEWGA 

Inspiration: I come from a middle-class family with an ancestral business background where my dad (Ali) had a supermarket close to home. I had a natural inclination towards numbers at a very young age and was inspired by him, the way he played with numbers without any digital aid – mental calculation. He nourished me well with the analytical & financial skills which were inbound within me and molded me into loving numbers and choosing Accountancy 

After my bachelor’s in business administration, I made a self-introspection to enhance & enrich my career with the skill sets I have and thereby to define my own career. After rigorous research I came to know that ACCA will be the best Accounting & Business qualification which I can avail, being the global body of professional accountants, it was my career passport. 

ACCA community: Actively participating and investing time continually to upskill & to acquaint with the latest skill sets which a professional accountant demands during this era of digitalization through ACCA Webinars & networkings. 

For me, ACCA Membership is about being a member of a globally recognized & well known network of Professionals, which provides me the right platform to share experience & meet on a regular basis and being part of the body has brought many networking opportunities for me. 

Appreciation: My Parents, My Life Mentors – Ali & Aysha, for entrusting me & molding me up. They were continually supportive throughout my career. My Wife, Dr. Thamjeetha Nesrin, for always being there beside me – For sharing & encouraging, as the journey wasn’t easy enough without them & will not be… Going ahead.