Abid Ansari

Published on:
September 29, 2020

Senior Credit Analyst, Financial Sector

Inspiration: Once I was travelling on a public bus to meet my maternal relatives, a young man was seated beside me reading the ACCA student accountant (magazine) very attentively, I asked him further details about the magazine and he simply handed over the magazine to me as a gift with a smile on his face, I went through it and found ACCA a very assured, charming and inspiring career qualification choice and it was, that day I decided to start ACCA.

Journey: I joined ACCA through the CAT route in 2006 just after completing my 12th grade. It is worth mentioning that I was the only person in my family, relatives, neighbourhood and circle of friends who pursued an accountancy career especially with a foreign UK based qualification and it was indeed a daring step to start something new, unknown and challenging without any moral or financial support etc.

Overall my journey was challenging, mainly in terms of less financial endowment from family, timid moral and psychological support from relatives, friends and neighbours with no guidance or supervision about the path and future prospects etc. Moreover, ACCA was demanding with long study hours needed in a calm and quiet place which was not possible in a combined family house. I still remember those library days (with the closet library not in my hometown), when I used to go early in the morning and come back when it closed as there was hardly any proper space in my home for studies.

Due to financial turmoil and distance from home to afford lunch in library cafeteria was not possible on a regular basis, I still remember those days with an empty stomach but a determined mind and passion towards ACCA studies. I persistently motivated myself through inspiring stories of successful individuals mentioned by ACCA on website and various magazine(s) including the student accountant. I also started offering tuition to CAT and foundation level students, which not only contributed financially towards my studies but also strengthen my preliminary subject topics which enabled me to easily pass the professional exams.

Career: Today, being a fellow member living and working in the Middle East, I am eternally grateful to the opportunities ACCA has opened for me. I still remember when I visited UAE for the first time, my first call was made to ACCA office in Dubai and honestly the extent of support and welcome from ACCA staff in the Dubai office was wonderful, they circulated my resume to registered ACCA employers and all the known senior ACCA members for a suitable position to start a career in the Middle East. At present, I engage with ACCA through workshops and webinars and online CPD sessions both pre-covid period and now. I also provide full guidance to ACCA students and other accounting streams in terms of their studies, career path and future prospects through online media and various other social platforms. Moreover, I am also pursuing the role of mentor for BSc students in Applied accounting (Oxford Brooks University)

Proud: Overall, my association with this prestigious qualification (ACCA) has been over a decade with me attaining my FCCA status in 2018. Visiting various foreign countries and meeting many individuals from versatile backgrounds other than accountancy, I believe, ACCA is not only a professional qualification but a highly respectable one, a universal passport and melodious & charming fragrance which has added value to my professional career.