Abilash Chunangad Kumar

Published on:
January 7, 2021

Audit Trainee Kreston, Menon Chartered Accountants

Inspiration: I was inspired to join ACCA because this is a globally recognised course with flexible benefits to work and study. Being a chartered accountant for me was always a dream from secondary school. ACCA was the right choice because it gave me the chance to fulfil my dream and I’m still learning in this journey. The global recognition of this course has provided me with flexibility in terms of pursuing more certifications.ACCA’s partnerships with major certifications around the world prompted me to choose ACCA.

Journey: I joined ACCA in Phoenix Financial Training in 2015 and completed my papers in 2018 with the guidance and support of my tutors in Phoenix Financial Training. I’m acquiring experience in the field of Audit and assurance with Kreston Menon. I recently completed my bachelor’s degree through ACCA’s OBU program and I’m planning to pursue more certifications in the chartered accountancy field.

ACCA Community: The engagement with ACCA has been minimal but in those minimal engagements I had a good time in meeting people and understanding their journey in ACCA. I have been to events which were organised with Oxford Brooks and exam related events like ACCA marking webinars, ACCA course work related webinars etc.

The feeling of being part in ACCA group surrounded with individuals of various backgrounds and diversities, Completing papers from F1 till P4. The crowning of affiliate status and the flexibility which course offered me which helped in concentrate on doing papers is something I will be proud when I look back at my ACCA journey.

Appreciation: I would like to give shout-outs to my tutors in Phoenix Financial Training who have been an instrumental force in my ACCA journey. Special mention to Khizra Asad who was instrumental in encouraging my ideas in the Phoenix Financial Training’s program of Student brand managers.

I ham now focusing on finishing my ACCA membership and looking into help future ACCA students in enrolling them to ACCA.

Thanks again for featuring me in this edition of ACCA real faces