Ali Hasany

Published on:
June 9, 2021

Executive Manager – Internal Audit, ACWA Power

Inspiration: I wanted to be an IT expert due to my keen interest in computer science but due to dotcom bubble crash in 2000, I realized IT jobs were in dire situation. It pushed me to think and look for a promising and suitable career. My uncle who was a Chartered Accountant was my inspiration since my childhood due to his knowledge, status, and position in the family which made my decision easy.

The Journey: Initially I joined a local accountancy profession CA Pakistan. At that time, I knew little about ACCA but when I joined an audit firm Ernst & Young Pakistan, I realized that people qualified in ACCA were have more chances for secondment and international exposure, due to ACCA is well recognized globally and provide ample opportunities in UAE which was my target.

Based on my CA knowledge base which was already strong since I was in CA final modules. I self-studied and passed all ACCA exam papers in first attempt within 3 years and by the grace of Almighty I was granted ACCA membership in 2010.

Proud: My decision to pursue ACCA in addition to pursuing local accountancy qualification, CA was proved correct since I was quickly climbed to career ladder in UAE within 8 years due to the well-recognized brand of ACCA. I can now proudly say that being part of the fastest-growing accounting body in the world, ACCA provides you with opportunities to strive further and take your career to the next level.

Due to ACCA’s collaboration with other professional bodies, I was able to qualify as Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Internal Auditor (CIA).

Other than being focused on accounting and finance, ACCA helps me to think out of the box to apply relevant knowledge in a vast variety of scenarios of my interest especially digitalization of the work environment, digital upskilling, and analytics which helps me to stand out of the crowd.

Appreciation: I would like to special thanks to my uncle, parents, and friends for their support and prayers and a special mention to Fazeela Gopalani, Head of ACCA Middle East, for initiating this initiative to share inspiring stories on the ACCA Middle East Platform.

ACCA Community: ACCA publications such as AB magazine and webinars are of my special interest and have been a key source of learning all along to help me in staying abreast with the latest developments within the fields of accountancy, auditing, and emerging technologies. ACCA never fails to keep me updated with the CPD resources and seminars.