Published on:
March 18, 2021

Audit Manager with MOORE, DUBAI, UAE

Inspiration: Coming from a family of qualified accountants; since school days I aspired to be a qualified accountant. My late father always inspired me by saying,” It’s never too late to start.”

The journey: Post graduation, personal challenges delayed my studying further. I started working with the Dubai office of Moore and soon realised that ACCA is a must have, globally recognised qualification. I started studying for ACCA when I was a father of a 3 month old boy. Passing each exam gave me the push to work harder. I was on cloud nine when I qualified and decided to study further. ACCA did set up a strong foundation that led me to qualify as a Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Internal Controls Auditor and UAECA. Like any other firm, to be promoted, one needs to possess a global qualification and thanks to ACCA, a long-cherished goal was achieved. ACCA has helped my career grow, enhanced my soft skills, and helped me network with many likeminded professionals.

Proud to be part of the ACCA community: Thanks to the ACCA Dubai office, we get to attend various webinars on technical topics and soft skills. Besides professional development, this opens new avenues to collaborate further.

Current engagement with ACCA: I attend most of the webinars hosted by ACCA. Being a part of the ACCA mentoring programme, it helps me reach out and share my experience with future members. My firm has nominated me as ACCA Practical Experience Supervisor for trainee development wherein I guide the trainees plan for achieving their work and study performance objectives. Otherwise, I regularly interact with the ACCA Dubai office on various other matters.

Special mention: My wife has been a pillar of support from day one. Encouragement from family, especially my Uncle who motivated me throughout. Senior partners from Moore Dubai; John Adcock and Farad K. Lakdawala who have been exceedingly supportive. I have been associated with so many talented and inspiring colleagues from whom I have learned immensely.