Areeb Younus

Published on:
November 11, 2020

Senior Accountant

Global Environmental Management Services (GEMS)

Inspiration: I was inspired to join ACCA because two of my brothers are ACCA Fellows, and they
convinced me it was the best step to take if I wanted to launch a successful career in Accountancy. After
doing my due diligence, I understood where they were coming from, and so far, I can’t say they were
Journey: Due to some legal issues in KSA. I started off by doing a few internships across diverse
industries before finally getting a job in a Hospitality company. I worked there for a few months before
GEMS made an offer I simply could not refuse. I started off with minute responsibilities, but I have used
the knowledge I gained from the ACCA qualification to grow leaps and bounds in this role, and I hope to
continue my progress towards becoming an all-round Accountant. Apart from that, I started my own
Event Management business on the side, and I am aiming to start an E-commerce business very soon, In
Sha Allah.
My highs during this journey have is getting 2 promotions in two full years at GEMS and a major low for
me was not being able to work initially because KSA stopped recognising the OBU Degree, and the ACCA
qualification as an attestable proof of education.
ACCA Community: Since I am living in Jeddah, there are barely any ACCA related events. I have attended
almost all of the events that have taken place over the last 4 years, and I look forward to attending more
once the pandemic is over. If there is anything I can do to arrange the events, I would love to be on