Danish Sange

Published on:
July 2, 2020

I have always been interested in business and pursuing ACCA meant taking the fastest route into the business world!

Having completed my high school from an Indian School in Dubai, I chose to pursue ACCA and not take the traditional university route and that gave me a head start into the financial world.

I attained my membership status in 2018 August. The journey from a student to an ACCA member was not easy but a memorable one. Not only did I study rigorously and test myself through the 14 papers but also met a lot of people and made some good acquaintances.

I strongly believe in giving back to the community and one the best ways to give back to the ACCA community was by being an ambassador of the brand wherever I went. Be it my workplace or social events – representing ACCA as a brand was always the highlight.

I had the opportunity to be the guest speaker at my ACCA graduation and that must be one of the best moments of my life – moments I will always cherish!

I now work as an Assistant Manager at PwC in the Accounting Advisory division and I can say that I would not have been to achieve these feats without ACCA and the head start that comes with having the ACCA qualification.

ACCA takes an aggressive approach of being on top of current scenarios – be it digitisation of finance functions, digitally upskilling students and members alike, using digital technology in house to leave footprints on social platforms or even responding to pandemic situations, which gives you an advantage and makes you stand out against the crowd!

Most people talk about finding the right career path and/or the perfect workstream after finishing their ACCA qualification. Not only did I find the right career path through ACCA – I found two of the most amazing people in my life …

My mentor and guide – Fazeela Gopalani
My Fiancée – another proud ACCA member – Amina Rafi