Dilroba Hossain

Published on:
March 8, 2021

Head of Hotline Division, Technopeak

Inspiration: My interest in Accounts started from the tender age of 15 while assisting my father in his business with basic Accounting, during that moment, I had realized I was passionate about Accounts. Moreover, scoring the highest marks in Accountancy in ISC Board, and being awarded for the same paved the way and interested me to pursue my career in this field. My friend introduced me to ACCA and the ACCA portal convinced me that choosing it would help me take a step towards the journey professionally. ACCA being the fastest-growing International Accountancy organization, I was assured that the degree will be acknowledged globally and was certain that it would make me competent to choose from a variety of roles on completion. 

Journey: As soon as I applied for the course, I got an opportunity to work with Majid Al Futtaim, as a Customer Service Representative, and due to the flexible examination scheme, I was able to go for it without a second thought. With work, I was able to clear most of the papers in the first attempt.

I had my share of ups and downs during this journey. The pros would be the job opportunities I got as I moved on with the modules and attained the BSc. (Hons) degree in Applied Accountancy from Oxford Brookes University while pursuing ACCA. Due to personal reasons, I decided to self-study without any help from course providers. Eventually, things fell in place and my hard work paid off when I got to use the ACCA initials after my name. 

Present-day, taking up a role in an ERP software provider and having the potent knowledge from ACCA complemented each other quite well making the journey healthier.

ACCA Community: I have not actively participated in the seminars and events much, but I make sure to flip through the journals and participate in the surveys where our words and suggestion are valued. Seeing how the community is bringing up ideas to tackle the Covid-19 situation and keeping every person in the community connected makes me proud to be part of it. The news and technical updates provided certainly play an important role in Professional development.

My next aim is to get my MSc degree in Professional Accountancy from the University of London. I am avidly looking forward to starting the degree this year Insha Allah.

Shout-outs: A special shout out to family and my ex-colleague, Mr. Muhammad Inam Bukht for guiding me throughout my ACCA membership journey. 

Thanks to the ACCA community for giving us the chance to share our part of the story.