Faras Muhammad

Published on:
March 4, 2021

Executive Secretary of Investment & Marketing, Al Hilal Saudi Football Club

Inspiration: It was a dream of my Father and soon realized that it will give me reputation and respect in job sector.

Journey: ACCA is a challenging route to success. I faced a lot of ups and downs in my journey which is not limited to “failing to pass the exam” but some internal matters as well. However, one of my attributes is to never give up, no matter what it takes and how long it takes. A lot of my class mates left ACCA because of having many attempts to pass the exams and they gave up, but I never did. I had very hard times during my ACCA journey and lot of discouragements from people, however, I raise myself with the help of my family members and realized that without completion will be a disaster for my future and hence, now I am a proud and a qualified ACCA member.