Furqan Rajab Ali

Published on:
November 4, 2021

Audit Senior, Moore Stephens Dubai

Inspiration: I joined ACCA to make my dream into the reality of being a professional with high self-respect and progressing my career into the future. To have the prestigious and globally recognized qualification “ACCA” added to my name to help me fulfill my wishes. 

ACCA journey: ACCA has provided me with a lot of opportunities from starting to work with Ismail Industries Limited (Pakistan) to moving to Grant Thornton (Qatar) and now with Moore Stephens (Dubai). I cannot count too many lows, but it has been a wonderful experience so far. From studying to corporate life, it has instilled a sense of persistence within me that if you continue to work hard, you will get the results. I am currently discharging my duties as an Audit Senior.

Any Highs and Lows:  Joining ACCA straight after my Bachelor’s degree in commerce, I struggled throughout the entire knowledge & skills module due to financial struggles. As passionate as I was, I perhaps added to my list of struggles by aiming to be a first attempt pass and the first yet youngest ACCA in my family yet not wanting to compromise on enjoying social life and travels. Today, I can proudly say my goals did not cost me anything but pure effort, dedication, and indeed a lot of planning.

ACCA Community: I have been able to network with many fellow members on LinkedIn through ACCA Members Community Group, I have met a lot of Senior ACCA Members and I am glad that ACCA Members are very approachable and open to offering help. I am proud to say that I have been giving back to ACCA Community by providing advice to my junior ACCA fellows, especially those who are interested to settle in UAE. ACCA leads the development of the accountancy profession. With its strong focus on ethics, it helps to change society and the business environment and offers opportunities to people. In particular in developing countries. Being an ACCA Member open a lot of opportunities for me as I got a lot of interview calls within the GCC and Europe. In the future that awaits me, I am eager to be more involved with the ACCA community and repay the community to the best of my abilities, for all of the wonderful experiences and knowledge I have gained through this qualification.

Appreciation: My parents were always encouraging, supportive, and there to motivate me along my journey and celebrate every milestone with me. My teachers always helped with revision and listened to me for hours on end listing off the key facets of accounting standards and formulae. They were my rocks during weak moments, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

Fun Facts: One fun fact for me is that while everyone complains about the heat in Dubai, I love it and sure I spend a lot of time inside an office, I am blessed to be working in a beautiful part of Dubai.