Gerard Rahman

Published on:
July 2, 2020

What Inspired you to join ACCA: My father was a member of ACCA. I remember walking out of the house with my mother and the postman was just about to deliver the mail – she saw the envelope with his results for the final exams and held it to the sun – she could tell he’d passed. We caught up with my father and she smiled and kissed him. Even then, It must have meant a lot to be part of ACCA.

What makes you proud to be an ACCA Member: I don’t think of my ACCA qualification often. It’s like breathing – it is a natural part of my life. When I rest my head on my pillow at night – I know that I’m going to be okay because my qualification helps me give value and thus, I’m valued – no matter what.

I started working immediately after school. I only had my ACCA qualification, if you exclude my driver’s licence. Yet with this single qualification I’ve lived and worked in four continents – met amazing people and had incredible adventures.

Your Journey: I bumped into a fellow ACCA member having lunch and we sat to eat together. He mentioned that he had joined the ACCA Members Advisory Committee to give back. I was inspired by him and joined the Committee. It’s an amazing fraternity of people to be part of with such positive energy, authenticity and kindness.