Gnei Zulhari Meedin

Published on:
March 8, 2021

Inspiration: ACCA is a highly recognized and highly valued qualification that paved the path to many qualifications in one route. What got me was the Oxford Brookes Degree program + the ACCA qualification that could be obtained in a fewer number of years than any other student pursuing a different qualification and the direct route to Masters. The moment this information was shared with me and without any hesitation, I decided to pursue this globally recognized qualification.

ACCA Journey: The journey was not easy, but ACCA gave me that confidence to prepare for real-world challenges. I obtained the BSc. (Hons) in Applied Accounting degree through ACCA in 2017 and became a proud member of ACCA by January 2020.

During all the years of being an ACCA student, I participated in almost all the events conducted by ACCA Sri Lanka, a few names are, ACCA Student’s Conferences, ACCA Corporate Race, ACCA Next-gen Challenge, and Toastmasters Workshops. And besides, I have volunteered in consulting students for ACCA with the institutes that provided ACCA and participated in Sri Lankan ACCA Members Council Elections 2020.

A new chapter opened when I moved to the Middle East in 2020 and I realized as an ACCA member how well I am recognized in any part of the World.

ACCA Community: ACCA is everything to be proud of, all my achievements are the reason for ACCA. As I start my journey in the Middle East, ACCA has been a strength that has kept me going strong with confidence. Another reason why ACCA is valuable is the continuous updates provided to members and students on every aspect. Finally, I have started reading for my Masters’ with ACCA exemptions which is another quick route to obtain a qualification.

There is a wide member network in all parts of the world who are reachable, supportive, and are well connected. The effort taken by ACCA Middle East to keep the community intact during these difficult times is highly appreciable.

Appreciation: When it is about ACCA, a name that I will never forget is Dr. Dinusha Weerawardane who is a close friend, a mentor, and a senior lecturer at the University of West London. She is also an ACCA Global Council Member who inspired me in taking part in all the events conducted by ACCA and helped me throughout the journey. It was her involvement that kept my ACCA journey interesting.

Finally, my family, who believed in me and supported me through all the times I struggled in accomplishing my goals and who are the happiest right now to see how far I have arrived.