Jazib Abbas

Published on:
January 27, 2021

Ernst and Young, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inspiration and Journey: This goes back to early 2019 when I came on secondment to EY Abu Dhabi, UAE office from EY Lahore office, Pakistan for a period of 3 months. Once I stepped in the EY Abu Dhabi office and got to work with the top finance graduates, charter holders and people with top accountancy certifications and qualifications from around the world and the majority of them being ACCA members which made me realize for the first time how important this qualification would be in my professional grooming and career growth. I came on secondment with the sole intention of making the most out of the given time and learning as much I can in the limited period, therefore, I worked really hard to adapt and mould myself into the culture of EY Abu Dhabi. It was all about high pressure and long hours but I fared well and ended up getting the highest performance ratings and feedback from all the Managers I worked with. I really liked the kind of exposure I had at EY Abu Dhabi office and as they say, hard work never goes unrewarded I was offered a permanent role of Audit Senior at the EY Abu Dhabi based on my performance.

I was really impressed by the professional competence, ethics and business acumen of my colleagues associated with ACCA. On my way back from secondment in April-2019 I kept thinking about pursuing ACCA, as professional qualification was essential in going up the ladder of a food chain and therefore immediately upon reaching back home I decided to appear in the next possible exam sitting. That’s how my journey of ACCA started.

I joined EY Abu Dhabi office little late in November-2019 amid the visa and recruitment process. There onwards it was very difficult to manage the full-time Audit Senior role along with my studies for ACCA but I kept on pushing myself to limits. I was very fortunate that I got the right direction and guidance from Webinars of ACCA. I would take webinars on commuting back from work or while having dinner or over the weekends and after that, I would practice the past papers late in the night before sleeping. It was tough but it was completely worth putting all the efforts in ACCA. With determination, I managed to complete my ACCA within the next year by the September-2020 exam sitting. 

I would say out loud that ACCA enabled endless opportunities for me and it is overwhelming to be a part of the big and connected community of ACCA. It has not only helped me in professional growth instead it has also provided me with a platform on which I can build on further by pursuing Masters in Professional Accountancy from University of London

Highs and Lows: It was very difficult to manage ACCA studies along with a Full time Audit Senior role. There were times when I had to stay up until 4 or 5 in the morning to stay on schedule with my ACCA studies while meeting the stringent deadlines at the work as well. it was never easy but it was completely worth it.

ACCA Community: Acquiring the ACCA qualification and being part of the community has opened up the position of Audit Manager for me. Without a professional qualification being promoted to Audit Manager at EY was not a possibility. For growth Professional Qualification is mandatory at the big four firms.