Jilal Ahmed

Published on:
January 18, 2021

Supervisor – Taxation, Affiniax Partners

Inspiration: I had to decide for a course that would not limit my scope to a particular region and ACCA was the most suitable option given the reputation and global recognition. After a lot of research, the role ACCA plays in nurturing its community and development over the years; are all the reasons why I chose ACCA and with the recommendation of my parents

Journey: Immediately after getting into ACCA I realized that this is going to be a bumpy ride for me. I struggled a lot in examinations so I would like to suggest all new ACCA students that the best things aren’t easy to achieve, stay motivated and aim for the best. The journey for me is long, I cannot define the current stage as ACCA gave a kick start of a career and since then I am on a Fast Track, But I can say I am achieving my targets on a fair and fast pace and I am very confident that it wouldn’t have been possible if I was not an ACCA Member.

Career: The key role ACCA played in my career was when I wanted to move from Pakistan to UAE for advancement in career. As I was trained in EY Tax department and the Middle East Tax hustle started right after my Training in 2017, I had decided that it’s now time actually experience the true meaning of global education and utilizing my ACCA passport. I am very confident that my ACCA membership and being trained in Taxation truly opened my wings wide and I got an opportunity I was precisely aiming for and being the right person at right time. Now being an active member of ACCA I do not feel any hurdle in my career path, and ACCA is paving the ways forward.

Appreciation: The ACCA journey was more of a dream of my Parents, I am really grateful that they guided and supported me appropriately. Also, my current employer Affiniax Partners for giving me the opportunity to explore my interest in Taxation and providing a valuable source of learning and development. And lastly my former employer at WA Associates for always mentoring and guiding me on my career and ACCA.