Jinal Dargar

Published on:
November 16, 2020

ACCA student, Dubai

Inspiration: I was inspired to join ACCA and start my journey due to the vast knowledge that I would gain by the end of this qualification. ACCA combines many different subjects ranging from financial accounting to management accounting and financial management, thereby allowing me to grasp hold of the various different fields that I could enter into and explore. Furthermore, its global reach and acceptance just adds more to its value.

Journey so far: I have completed the first 6 papers of ACCA till now. The journey so far has been absolutely exhilarating. I have already learnt so much and can’t wait to expand further into the subjects.

Special mention: I have taken Phoenix financial training centre’s coaching for the past two papers and they have helped me so much. They would always respond to my doubts at the earliest and provide me with all the extra help that I required. 

Next steps: I plan on completing ACCA by September 2021. Then I want to start CFA and get some work experience by doing internships at various different companies.