Julanda Khalfan Al Asmi

Published on:
August 14, 2020



Inspiration: ACCA provides a flexible and relevant first-class quality training that will get me qualifications, which will set me apart and opens doors to many rewarding opportunities, develop a network of inspiring professionals, help me gain global recognition, and allow me to make a positive impact in the world of business.

Now I’m at the strategic professional level. It is not surprising that the ACCA journey comes with a lot of challenges, especially at the strategic level. I am a full-time employee and a part-time student. And so my biggest challenge is finding the balance between work/life/studies. It is quite stressful to keep track of everything and managing time effectively under such huge pressure and I did fail a few times and those were the lowest moments in my journey so far.

But, I did see a huge progress in my learning curve and so a few fails did not stop me from thriving and staying focused by regularly planning, reflecting on my journey and receiving a constant support and guidance from ACCA.

The struggles I’m going through or have been through, have absolutely made me stronger and resilient. With a positive mindset and doing what I love, I believe nothing will nor can ever stop me to achieve my goals.

The level of engagement I have with ACCA is high through invaluable webinar and insightful CPD events, also local events it holds that keeps me engaged with other amazing peers in the region.

Proud: Being part of ACCA community has introduced me to many interesting professionals inside and outside the community with different backgrounds and experiences. This is quite rewarding as I get to develop my professional and personal skills by learning from their experiences.

With amount of knowledge I gained as an ACCA student, I feel more confident and respected by my peers in the workplace as they come to me for advice and direction. My manager, too, trusts me with handling most of the work on my own knowing that I’m part of a professional body.

Special Mentions: A special shout out first to Bank Muscat for giving me this great opportunity to pursue my dream. And to Alexander Leach, Senior Education Manager for ACCA Middle East – whom I have the honour of knowing – and previously was my SBL tutor. His enthusiasm is contagious and inspiring. Without his direction, motivation and help, I probably wouldn’t have come this far in my journey. Also, a shout out to my family and loved ones for all the care and encouragement.

Becoming an affiliate is the next milestone to reach, before my ultimate goal to become an ACCA