Kowsik Srikanda

Published on:
May 16, 2021

Senior IT Auditor, Deloitte Middle East

Inspiration: I started my ACCA career in 2012 at the age of 18th. After completing my ACCA foundation level, I got the opportunity to join KPMG Sri Lanka in the audit division. Meanwhile, I also started my Bachler of Information Technology degree at the University of Colombo. I managed my work successfully with ACCA and degree exams. After completing my B.Tech degree, I got transferred to the KPMG Technology Advisory Division and thereafter the IT Audit Division. Once I became an ACCA member and completed over six years at KPMG Sri Lanka, I had a fantastic offer for KPMG Lower Gulf.

Journey: After I attained my ACCA membership and B. Tech, I continued to develop my knowledge by doing MSc in Cyber Security and Digital Forensic from the University of Westminster and completed Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certification from ISACA. I’m currently handling IT Audit Engagements in the Banking and Financial sector and developing my knowledge in Digital Transformation and FinTech.

Audit and Assurance is a favorite subject in my ACCA career. I have scored the highest marks in the Audit and Assurance (F8) and Advanced Audit and Assurance (P7) subjects in my ACCA journey. This motivated me to become an ACCA Audit and Assurance subject lecturer after my membership.

ACCA Community: I am an ACCA Mentor, helping other ACCA fellows achieve their targets and grow personally and professionally. Moreover, I’m conducting free ACCA online lectures for ACCA students to support the Sri Lankan Accounting and Finance community.

“ACCA”, these four letters were a strong trademark in my professional journey. I could differentiate myself with a unique stance in my workplace and among my clients with a strong professional identity that is a global remark.

Several offers reached me for international job opportunities when I updated my ACCA qualification in my social and professional networks.  I have been working in the IT Audit Division, but I could enjoy an added benefit with an incredible accounting competency with ACCA. I feel, ACCA is not just a qualification, it’s a professional life. Proud to be an ACCA.

In the future, I intend to be more active in ACCA advocacy and to become a member of the ACCA global council.