Maryam Rahman

Published on:
October 7, 2020

ACCA Student

Inspiration: I was inspired to start my ACCA because being a professional qualification, I knew it will give me an edge in the job market and make me more attractive to employers.

Journey: I have completed all the Applied Skills papers which has not been an easy journey considering that I started with no exemptions. My high moments are definitely when the results release email gets to my inbox at 3am Oman time showing I passed, I am very proud at the moment knowing my efforts have paid off. The low moments for me are when I have passed my exams and my friends have not, the joy does not feel complete.

I have done my OBU B.Sc and am looking forward to start the Strategic Professional papers before i proceed with my UoL masters degree.

Another highlight for me is being an ACCA Ambassador in Oman and supporting ACCA with events and activities in Oman. I have also worked on some projects to support other students at different stages of their journeys.

Proud: I am definitely very proud of being associated with ACCA. After completing the first 3 papers, I received the diploma in Accounting and Business which opened a lot of job opportunities for me. I applied for different jobs and got employed as a fresher with my diploma. That is the uniqueness of ACCA – The possibility of getting employed midway your journey. My ACCA journey has been incredible; I am currently employed at an audit firm with my employer ready to invest in me to complete my studies. Being a part of the ACCA community gives me immense amount of happiness and its one of the best decision I have made in my life. 

Appreciation: Special thanks to Ms. Fazeela Gopalani for all the seminars and events she held in Oman which have been extremely helpful for all the students here.