Michelle Lobo

Published on:
November 16, 2020

ACCA Member

Inspiration: When I was studying at my pre-university in India, I wanted a professional qualification to my name which would set me apart from my peers, and through one of my family friends, I learnt about ACCA.

I started my research and found that ACCA covers a wide range of subjects that focus on the need of today’s finance and accountancy industry, giving one strategic thinking and a range of skills to bring innovation to the workplace. Then I decided, this is the one qualification I must acquire.

Journey: Although the decision looked simple, once I registered and started studying I realized that the task at hand is much more challenging. My journey has not been the easiest, as I faced lots of ups and downs but with hard work and persistence, backing from parents and friends, and guidance from the experienced tutors of Phoenix Financial Training, I succeeded in joining an elite group of Accounting Professionals and fulfilled my dream in October 2020.

ACCA teaches much more than just the knowledge about the subjects but also prepares one to face the real world while undergoing training and practice. It also paves way for career growth, proving to have the skills to make it all the way to senior management.

ACCA Community: I was impressed with the way ACCA has introduced digitalization to help students all over the world to appear for their exams remotely which otherwise would have impacted their progress. ACCA has also taken the necessary steps during this pandemic situation by creating a safe platform for students, affiliates, and members to boost their mental health and wellbeing.

While achieving my goal, ACCA also had given me the opportunity of completing my BSc in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University and I was privileged to be chosen as the student speaker during the graduation ceremony conducted in February 2020 in Dubai.

Future plans: Working for my PER of 36 months with a leading audit firm in the United Arab Emirates made me a confident and self-motivated person. It also taught me how to work independently and face real challenges in the workplace.

ACCA is not the stopping point in my professional life. To utilize the knowledge acquired during ACCA I realized that my next step in life would be to pursue my MSc in Business Analytics and here I am at the National University of Ireland, Galway.
I can proudly say ACCA has laid the foundation for me and it’s now my responsibility to build my career on it.