Mini Madhavan

Published on:
September 8, 2020

Partner, Affility Management Consulting
Dubai, UAE

Inspiration: At the end of my Bachelor’s degree, I wanted to do something different instead of pursuing an MBA and directly joining my family business along with my father and brother. ACCA gave me a platform of venturing my career into Audit and Consulting. The possibilities of career options with ACCA is infinite.

The Journey: I am the first Chartered Accountant in my family, so no one really could guide me much on how to go about registering and studying for the exams. I contacted the ACCA Middle East office and they were absolutely helpful in making me understand each and every aspect of this qualification right from the registration to the list of tuition centres in Dubai where I can prepare for my exams. After that, there was no looking back – It’s been 8 years since I received my membership. I was able to complete my qualification within 3 years from registration.

ACCA was my guiding light when I worked through my initial audit career in Crowe MAK and Ernst & Young, both in Dubai. The syllabus taught was very up-to-date and relevant to my work which made the learning process even easier. I don’t think there have been many lows in my career since then. Even now it never fails to keep us updated by the CPD resources and seminars that have been provided to us members.

Proud: The best thing about ACCA is how it moulded the entire CPD resource providing events and networking during this pandemic by making it available online, without wasting any time, to ensure that all members remain well-informed and are up-to-date with the current changes relating to their work industry.

ACCA has shaped my career from being an Audit Trainee 12 years back to giving me the confidence to start my own consulting practice and assist companies with IT, Risk and Management Consulting services.

I take time to attend as many ACCA events as possible. I always prefer the face to face interactions and networking and ACCA has provided a lot of opportunity on that platform.

I would like to give a special mention to Fazeela Gopalani, Head of ACCA Middle East, on the incredible job she has been doing.

ACCA Future: There have been 6 Certificates that have been provided by ACCA in 2020, out of which I have completed the Course on Business Valuations. 1 done, 5 more to go! I also want to be a part of the ACCA Advocates and the Advisory Committee as an opportunity to give back to ACCA for all that I have achieved.