Mohamed Mahmoud Hussein Sofi Meawad               

Published on:
February 24, 2022

Audit & Assurance Partner, Mazars in Kuwait

Inspiration: I was inspired to Join ACCA because ACCA sums up the whole knowledge of Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Finance & Strategic Business. The market recognized that being ACCA is the most qualified candidate.

ACCA journey: The Journey was not easy; it was a long road that starts with one step after another and I had one objective to have my Membership. The journey of becoming an ACCA Member was not an easy one, but the proudest moments and made my confidence increased more & more when I received the prizewinner – The award of attaining the highest mark in Kuwait for Strategic Business Reporting Exam – September 2018 Exam Session & after that I received the second prizewinner – the award of attaining the highest mark in Kuwait for Advanced Audit & Assurance exam – March 2019 Exam Session.

ACCA community: I am very proud to be an ACCA member and enjoy all the perks provided by being in the ACCA community. To be recognized all over the professionals in the world is the highest perk of being an ACCA member.

Appreciation: I would not be what I am today without the support of my parents & finally. Also, my gratitude to Mazars especially Mazars in Kuwait & Mazars in Egypt is a healthy work environment & teamwork spirit are the way to success.