Muhammad Athar Iqbal

Published on:
April 21, 2021

Director – Internal Audit & GRC, AJMS Global

Inspiration: I have been a member of ACCA for almost a decade and it was one of great decision of my life to invest in the ACCA qualification. I have joined ACCA to make my dream into the reality of being a professional with high self-respect and progressing my careers into the future. To have prestigious and globally recognized qualification “ACCA” with my name help me to fulfil my wishes. Currently working as a Director and almost a decade year of experience in Internal Audit, Risk Management Governance & Fraud Management.

The ACCA qualification is an International accountancy passport that helped me to serve in the senior positions of various Multi-National Companies AJMS Global, Etisalat, MTN, GSS, KPMG and Ernst & Young.
ACCA has provided me with not only a solid foundation, recognition but also connected me to the wider ACCA community and allowed me to give back to a profession that I am so vested and passionate about.

ACCA fascinates me is the Global reach of allowing us to build worldwide connections, especially as my friends are fellow ACCA members all over the world.

ACCA Community: I am very proud to have ACCA qualifications that helped me to spread my knowledge through conducting various trainings and awareness sessions on Internal Audits, Fraud & Risk Management in UAE, Qatar, South Africa, Pakistan & Afghanistan demonstrating control gaps and best practices in Accounting, Internal Audit, Fraud, Risk Management within business and organizations.

As an ACCA senior member I am honored to work with worldwide ACCA community and helping ACCA students and Affiliates through UAE Super Connected Community with the support of ACCA Global Council Member Mr. Nauman Asif Mian.
I would impulse young graduate to attain this International Accountancy Passport with high self-respect and progressing the careers into the future.