Muhammad Kalim

Published on:
March 18, 2021

Partner, Bader Saleh Auditing of Accounts and Abacco Accounting & Consultancy – UAE

Journey: My ACCA journey has been awarding. It started in 2007, as I wanted to excel in the field of Auditing, which is one of the popular pathways for accounting and finance professionals. ACCA did not just help me understand accounting and its principles but how to be ethical, skeptical, perceptible, creative, and savvy. Being awarded an ACCA certification helped me build a great foundation, to pursue a career path and a role I have always wanted, which is to be a partner in an Auditing and Accounting firm.

I am an FCCA member and a Managing Partner of Bader Saleh Auditing of Accounts as well as Abacco Accounting & Consultancy in UAE.

What have been the highs and lows? ACCA’s path is intense, however, it is also rewarding. Intense when you are studying and putting all your efforts and fully focusing on your studies, but this did not put me off in anyways, instead it motivated me. I believe anyone can pass the ACCA exams if they have the will and dedication. To become a qualified ACCA professional, I had to show commitment and devotion and prioritize my studies over my social life. Qualifying ACCA helped me get entry into Big4 and Top-notch Auditing and Accounting firms in Pakistan and UAE.

ACCA Community: I feel honoured being a partner of a firm that is also an ACCA Approved Employer for professional development, where we work as a team and help each other grow professionally and keep up-to-date with the latest developments in the profession. I am also an ACCA Mentor, helping other ACCA fellows achieve their targets and grow personally and professionally. In the future, I intend to be more active in ACCA advocacy and to become a member of the ACCA global council.