Muhammad Taha Nadeem

Published on:
December 13, 2020

Audit Associate, Crowe UAE

Inspiration: Going back to 2018 when I was finishing up with my A-Levels in Saudi Arabia, I was particularly good at Accounting and accomplished exemplary achievements. One of those was when I received the Outstanding Cambridge Learner Award in A-Level Accounting for gaining the highest mark in Saudi Arabia.

I was ambitious to have a career in Chartered Accountancy and chose to study for ACCA qualification which in fact is recognized globally by firms and gave me a premium edge to stand out from the crowd.

Studying for ACCA would mean I can stand at my own feet from an early age as it builds an earning potential in you through gaining a rich work experience and also gain a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from OBU along with a professional qualification.

Journey: I am humbled and pleased to have completed 10 exams of ACCA qualification in first attempts through relentless support and right guidance from my tutors at PwC’s Academy. I am gaining a rich Audit experience with Crowe UAE in DIFC, a sophisticated financial and business hub, along with my studies with ACCA. The highs are definitely when all hard work pays off upon passing exams, especially when managing studies during nights after getting back from work.

I aim to complete my ACCA papers by early 2021 and to gain a bachelor’s degree with Oxford Brookes University.

ACCA Community: ACCA has given me a platform to socially connect with other professionals and students through LinkedIn, online communities and groups to build a professional and engaging network. I have always shown active participation at ACCA events, seminars and online webinars which have certainly opened doors for me to engage with professionals and students in the region. I take immense pride to be a part of super-connected ACCA community where I get the right support, mentoring and guidance to progress in my ACCA journey. I have had the opportunity to be a part of PwC’s Academy Student Council for a year and take up multiple socially responsible and green initiatives with other ACCA students.