Nauman Mian

Published on:
August 16, 2020

CFO, Inc


Inspiration: I come from a family of Accountants and at a very young age and with little understanding of the profession, my father sat me down and gave me this analogy: Accountancy is like the ‘Medical Profession’. Medical professionals diagnose and look after the health of humanity, while accountants look after the health of the organisations. This sparked my keen interest in the profession and his example inspired me to pursue my career in Finance and play an active role within the fraternity.

The Journey: As I qualified and my career progressed, my ACCA journey exposed me to different geographies such as Pakistan, the U.K and the Gulf states; I quickly learned that accountancy is and continues to be perceived as a noble, relied upon and trusted profession.

In 2005, whilst working in the U.K, I achieved ACCA Membership and was also featured in the Student Magazine. Over the years, my career has gone from strength to strength being nominated for such accolades as: “Young Accountant of the Year”, and “Chartered Accountant of the Year” in Middle East Accountancy and Finance Excellence Awards.

My address, in the presence of ACCA President and Helen Brand, at the new member’s ceremony in 2014, will always hold a special place in my heart. It reminded me of my days while I was studying and made me feel part of a broader community. After receiving the honour of being the Chairman of ACCA Members advisory committee, as I handed over the membership certificate to the new members, their bright smiles made me feel part of their journey as well.

When asked about the “low’s” I’ve always preferred to look at any low as an Opportunity! I’m sure you can see from my personal Journey, ACCA has provided me with not only a solid foundation, recognition but also connected me to the wider ACCA community and allowed me to give back to a profession that I am so vested and passionate about.

Proud: I have always actively participated in ACCA events and seminars which have opened new doors for me. Being a founding member of the UAE advisory committee and representing at the International Assembly has reflected upon me the power of advocacy. My participation at the ‘Tax and Business Accountants Global ACCA forums’ has given me a broader view of the challenges faced by the Accountants across the globe.

Im excited to see what the future holds within our profession and within ACCA, especially as we see major transformations within our “world”. As part of my role on the UAE Members Advisory Committee, I aim to be the voice for ALL ACCA stakeholders and help shape what it is we need from our professional body. I encourage you to reach out to me on LinkedIn to help me represent your needs and be your voice to ensure we continue to create a super-connected community, more brand advocates and shape the way ACCA “Thinks Ahead” in the Middle East.