Nayeem Hameed

Published on:
November 11, 2020

Head of Finance Hassad Food Company

Inspiration: Being a CMA, I wanted to go for a certification that covers a 360-degree scope on Finance focusing extensively on IFRS. after researching and comparing many international certifications, I found ACCA to be the best fit and the only certification which covers every part of finance in detail.
Journey: My ACCA journey started in 2015 and I used to work and then study every
night for 4 hours and could hardly give time for my family but then passing each exam gave me a great
sense of accomplishment and motivation to push. The self-study option was very demanding and
challenging but thank God in the end all worked well.

Advocacy: I keep advising and advocating ACCA to all my staff, and even other companies and auditors,
talk about ACCA in some of the seminars I attend as I feel it has given me much more confidence.