Nivedha Senthilvasan

Published on:
November 11, 2020

Assistant Accountant, Multiply Marketing Consultancy LLC

Inspiration and Journey: I Started my ACCA journey immediately after my IGCSE Exams in Saudi Arabia when I had no
idea which field of study to choose, it was my parents who asked me to go for ACCA qualification. Honestly, I never dreamt of being an Accountant when I was young.

My first few steps in ACCA were great with success rates, but when I reached ACCA skills-level, I was literally stuck breaking out with tears whenever I used to get the results that I have failed. There were people who asked me to give up ACCA as I never had any degree in hand to support my career. My parents supported me and asked me not to give up what I had started no matter how much time it would take.

Career: During my job interviews, they said that they were hiring me because I was an ACCA student and wanted me to complete my papers while working with them. And some of them also mentioned that they were privileged to have me on board. Since I realised that ACCA was highly recognised by the employers, I decided to continue with it thinking always that how beautiful it would be once I completed ACCA. Now I am in my last stages to become an affiliate and member.

Lastly, for all the students who think to give up ACCA just because of a few failures please keep in mind that you are definitely closing the doors for wonderful opportunities. Do stay positive and continue your progress towards attaining your ACCA Membership.