Pallavi Kishore FCCA, UAECA

Published on:
October 5, 2020

Senior Lecturer, Campus Programme Coordinator – Undergraduate and Postgraduate Accounting and Finance

Inspiration: Doesn’t everybody just love numbers? If you’re reading this, you must too!  Accounting is such a precise and ordered art and that is what I really like. I was inspired to join ACCA not just for the brilliant credentials and amazing career opportunities, but also because of the ACCA community. I have met such outstanding people who set an inspiring example of what being a professional accountant means. 

Journey: Being a University lecturer by profession, self-taught was the only option I inflicted upon myself. I take pride in sharing that despite coming from a science background, I self-studied for ACCA and passed each of the 13 papers with flying colors!  It did take cancelling most social events supported by a million cups of coffee. Nevertheless, it was totally worth it! 

2014 was clearly a turning point in my career and the ACCA qualification undoubtedly brought bigger and better things for me. Having learnt about strategic thinking and innovation, ACCA prepared me well to take on senior positions. The success story began with a promotion to a senior lecturer position followed by head of the department.  

Heading the Accounting & Finance department at Middlesex University Dubai, I am humbled to acknowledge the fact that I play a key role in encouraging and inspiring young students to take on professional qualifications. 

Proud: ACCA is a well-respected professional recognition and being part of the community keeps me connected to think-alike minds while providing exceptional networking opportunities. 

Appreciation: Special mention to my employer MDX Dubai, who have also been extremely supportive and accommodating during my entire journey as an ACCA student and beyond. Be it study leaveto prepare for exams or time off on the actual exam days, I always remember fondly the encouragement provided by the University so I could be successful in achieving my aspirations.