Saad Rahim

Published on:
December 13, 2020

Manager, Assurance and Tax – AJMS Global Consulting

InspirationACCA is a quick approach to global finance profession, in short ACCA is a “GLOBAL PASSPORT”.

Highs and Lows: Things have been quite smooth throughout from the start until membership. ACCA has given a competition on all spheres and I believe that the guidance and knowledge we achieved with ACCA helped build a “Vision” and then assisted in developing ways/strategies to reach that vision. Reattempting was in fact the struggle I came across throughout the journey somewhere is the advanced stage, however the mountain was crossed in 2015 and I could see from the skies.

ACCA Community: Being part of the ACCA community has helped me achieve heights and I find much comfort building relations with top management/Board of Directors/CFO/CEOs’ of clients. ACCA is a tremendous platform for anyone to start his/her career as it brings you close to the professional communities with confidence and ACCA is well known in the Gulf region and as such is a great starting point.
I would request the students to stay focused and work with other professionals to add value to the abilities and skill you have achieved via ACCA. And always behave positively if you want to excel and set yourself an example for you and people around you. I will exemplify here myself, I started my career as an Accounts Assistant in a private company based in UAE, I worked there for 10 months and my manager spent time on me and I learnt what he expected but I was not growing mentally and grooming was nowhere near. Then I switched my job to half of my salary with an Audit Firm (Practicing Firm), a UAE based audit firm. There I saw seniors working and they did not feel any issues in dealing with daily works and the confidence they had was at a self-believing level. I gave this thing careful thought and started working hard. Once the office was finished, I spent another 5-6 hrs on a daily basis to learn other skills including Excel and reading out the business communication ethics which we once learnt in paper P3 (Business Analysis). That was the time when I started crystallizing technical knowledge into its practical shape. And there are many other examples which can be easily correlated to what ACCA has taught us. The continuous collaboration with other professional bodies is another example where one can learn the Positiveness from its own Professional Body. So the message to the world is “Believe in what you have studied and One should have a vision and struggle to achieve it”, a time will come where one will feel the vision he/she was looking at or help one redefining the Vision and hence the strategies to achieve the same. 

Any last words: The learning never stops and one should always find ways of staying competitive in terms of  learning, development and achievements. And the greatest competitiveness is “the VALUE you add to your workplace”.