Salman Yousuf Latif

Published on:
November 10, 2020

Fellow Member 

Inspiration: After finishing my high school, I wanted to obtain an accountancy qualification that has a global outreach and sought by employers all around the world. One of the inspirations to join ACCA was the possibility to give back to the fellow finance and business professionals, in the form of offering coaching or mentorship to the young bright minds and be connected to a huge diversified network of business professionals

Journey: I am indebted to ACCA, as it did not merely teach me to grasp the key concepts from the textbooks but also enabled me to apply the theoretical knowledge to the real-life scenarios, which are a part of their work experience requirement. This has equipped me with the ‘real-time’ problem-solving skills and developing good business acumen. Moreover, ACCA carved my path to acquiring other qualifications, so ACCA has this dynamic property of leading you to new doors such as bachelors, masters, and other certifications. 

Community : As an ACCA member, I have felt more confident in exposing myself to a wide array of industries & experiencing multi-cultural, fast-paced and professional environments based in the United Kingdom, Pakistan, and the United Arab Emirates. 

Special mentions: Even during this pandemic, where majority of the institutions have gone into a chaos and are trying to find ways of dealing with the ‘new normal’ – ACCA has outshined itself (again!) by being ahead of the game and integrating new ways of working and providing online webinars and other resources  for their members. This goes on to show that ACCA is one of the most agile and dynamic institutions out in the accounting world today.