Shagufta Kashif

Published on:
July 2, 2020

Lecturer, AbdulRehman Bin Faisal University

Inspiration: I was inspired to join ACCA because its a global qualification which is very prestigious and recognized internationally. For me ACCA is the perfect starting point in a 100m race where I am ahead of other contestants and closer to finishing line. Why do I say that? Because with ACCA I have the liberty to switch my career whenever I want to. From working in multinationals in Pakistan and UK, to shifting to academia in Saudi Arabia and now doing accounting and tax consulting for small businesses, this designation has pushed me to work in diverse industries. The crowning stroke is the number of MOUs that ACCA has with global accounting bodies which expedites the process of adding more certifications to my resume in comparison to others who have to sit entirely for all exams. With this designation, I know I can access any industry wherever and whenever my next move is.

Proud: I am a very proud ACCA member now and I remember back in 2001, when ACCA was new to the Pakistani market, I happened to be among the first few students to enrol for this qualification. Since it was new back home, there were many times when I was advised to pursue an alternative accounting qualification or go on to enrol in a university degree program because “when you had to explain to people what you are doing, is it really worth doing” mindset. The entire journey, from the first paper till becoming an affiliate was not easy and looking back at it now, I will not change a thing about it.

With the time and efforts invested from me as well as my family who made sure I don’t break down, I now see myself as possessing something that gives me easy mobility whether it’s moving between sectors or between countries for job opportunities. ACCA Middle East office is very approachable and each member of their team engages on a personal level, which makes it easier for existing members as well as prospective students to get responses for their queries.

ACCA Community: The biggest relief that ACCA qualification brings to me is access to other qualifications through international MOUs that it has with many prestigious accounting bodies across the world. So if I have to immigrate to another country, I could easily gain membership to the local qualification by enjoying exemptions that ACCA is given, thus bagging that particular qualification quicker than most people.

Secondly, even though it’s been 15 years since my qualification, I have never ever felt that the qualification is getting outdated because of the policy of ACCA of continuously educating its students and members.

Special Mention: Special shoutout to Fazeela, Maleek and Taher who are actively and aggressively (in a positive way) creating opportunities for ACCA regionally and are very pleasant personalities to work with.

ACCA has a lot of potential, especially for countries that are moving towards IFRS, ACCA is supplementing the regulatory bodies for a smooth transition and at the forefront of preparing local talents for this move.