Malvika Guntur

Published on:
October 18, 2020

Assurance, Ernst & Young Middle East

Inspiration: Studying ACCA was a great opportunity to equip myself with a professional qualification, which is highly valued at work, along with the chance to get a quality degree from OBU. In addition, I was inspired because with ACCA,you save a bunch of time getting a B.Sc and a professional qualification at once – who doesn’t love that! It has made me the youngest person in my group at work.

Journey: I am at the Affiliate stage – right in the middle. This is the exciting part, where you don’t have to focus on the exam section, but more on applying that knowledge practically at work! 

Highs for me, was literally when I passed any exam. And I think everybody in the ACCA community would agree with me here, it is the best feeling ever!  Another special moment for me would be opening that Congratulations, you are a prizewinner email! Lows – the in between stage of being done with exams and trying to get that relevant work experience.

Proud: There are so many things that make me proud to be part of the ACCA community, be it the women in leadership, all the wonderful people I have met in classes, the opportunities it has opened for me. I work at a Big4 in assurance and this has helped me distinguish myself. 

Special Thanks: Shout outs to everyone who has helped me in this journey – study buddies, lecturers, my family.

My next focus is to complete the work experience, learn on the job and do my best throughout my career.