Sufian Sohail B.Sc.

Published on:
October 25, 2020

Risk Advisory,Deloitte Middle East

Journey: ACCA was a customised fit for my goals, with a keen pursuit in accounting and having my own pace and schedule, ACCA provided me with an environment of great learning and development. After enrolling in 2017, I dedicated the best part  of my learning years towards my exams and course curriculum enabling me to complete my ACCA exams in a record time of 17 months. 

2019, was another milestone year for me graduating from the highly regarded Oxford Brookes University with a BSC (Honors) in Applied Accounting, I have set my future plan on pursuing a masters in the field of Strategic Management hoping that the qualitative and quantitative skills that I gained during my ACCA to even better use in the future. 

With the target of becoming a full time Chartered ACCA member by the end of 2021, I look forward to inspiring the forthcoming generations of ACCA through my personal story, the same way I was inspired and supported in my journey.

Career: Having a passion for accounting, along with the prestigious tag of ACCA, enabled me to to secure a position of Risk Advisory at Deloitte Middle East. After almost two years at Deloitte and being the youngest in my team, the knowledge acquired while pursuing my ACCA has been a great fit while managing my work particularly in the practice of IFRS advisory and Risk management domain. 

Appreciation: While hard work does pay off, I don’t think I would have achieved all this without the support of my family, faculty at PwC’s Academy Middle East, and in particular my lecturer Huzefa Hydrie. Would also like to mention the mentorship of Shahrukh Abdul Rauf, who not only guided me through my paper choices, exam strategies and but also thorough preparation of my entire course.