Talha Ahmed Khan

Published on:
November 5, 2020

Country Manager-Oman, Pak Oman Investment Company Limited

Inspiration: Interest in the professional qualification developed in my A levels as by virtue of teachers and close friends I came across a qualification by name of ACCA that has a global recognition and is very structured in terms of resources, examinations and authenticity. Then researched about the practical perspective in and found that ACCA fortunately covers all the perspective whether it’s from financial reporting, business management, financial management e.t.c that are required to make strategic decisions and above all the many success stories over the globe of ACCA’s making a difference in industries.

Journey: First step is always crucial and important; specially for those to whom things were not easily accessible. I have done my A levels in Quetta Pakistan and after making my mind for ACCA it was unfortunate at that time as there was not a single college which was offering professional qualifications relating to chartered accountancy. Thus took the first step, relocated and then rest is history. It was a tough call a mix and match of risk and rewards managing ACCA with jobs, keeping check on financial distress and all but the motivation was only the end result. When I cleared the fundamental levels I started as visiting faculty for O/A Levels accounting and corporate finance for bachelors thus just the fundamental level had equipped me to teach technical subjects really well. Meanwhile courses like financial management exposed me to the areas of Investment Banking, Project financing that actually developed my interest for this field thus ACCA actually helped me to know my skill set and decide the career to opt for. Today by the grace of God I am ACCA member alongside holding various qualifications and so far a successful career as Investment Banker and Educationist. I must say I took my First crucial step on the correct path.

Achievement: I am extremely grateful to ACCA for shaping my entire career. I am currently working as Country Manager-Oman for Pak Oman Investment Company (joint venture between governments of Oman and Pakistan) a banking institution with mandate of promoting business flows in Middle East and sponsoring countries via corporate/structured finance, Investment Banking and treasury. Prior to it I remained in advisory role in one of the top tier entities and also remained affiliated with various profound banks by serving in the departments of Corporate and Investment Banking”.

Further I am also a faculty member for ACCA/CA and remained affiliated with various institutions. Currently I am trying to guide ACCA/CA students via the online platform by the name of tsbeducation.com specially courses relating to my core competence like financial management/advance financial management.

All aforementioned got only possible due to the learnings and knowledge attained in ACCA and the guidance of seniors.

ACCA Community: ACCA is an active community, every day when you open your email there is always been something interesting and knowledge based that can beneficial for all its students, affiliates and members. Specially during Covid 19 how rapidly ACCA responded to new normal by flooding with the webinars helping professionals to how to cope up with in the new environment and systems. Specially the initiative of home based examination is a very innovative and responsible move from ACCA depicting how much this body cares about the health and safety alongside the continuation of professional learning. These developments actually helps each of us to proudly represent and own this body and community.