Umar Farooq

Published on:
May 4, 2021

Senior Audit Manager, Crowe UAE

Inspiration: I came from a simple family of a small town, who worked hard, but education wasn’t something they had the privilege of enjoying, in fact, my parents and most of my wider family left school at a young age. I chose ACCA as professional qualification because of its global reach, flexibility and competitive advantage over others.

Journey: I worked in Pizza Hut as chef in City of London back in 2008 to fund my ACCA qualification. After completing my ACCA, I moved to Pakistan and got an internship in one of the BIG4. My real career progress started in Crowe UAE, where I joined as an auditor in 2014. I was fortunate enough to work with some of brilliant and amazing people. Under the leadership of our founder and group managing partner, I am currently discharging my duties as audit manager.

I must say “ACCA brings confidence in me” to fulfil my dream to be a professional accountant and to make my parent’s proud.

ACCA Community: Being of part of ACCA community give me the opportunity to meet exceptional fellow members with remarkable careers and brilliant ideas for future progress.

Any last words: I am inspired by Mr. James Caan a serial entrepreneur, he is too an author of a couple of books. I am blessed to have a supportive family, my parents always stood with my decisions. I would like to pay special thanks to my manager and mentor Mr. Kamran Ahmed and my partner Dr. Khalid Maniar for their guidance and continuous support.