Vandita Ritolia

Published on:
September 8, 2020

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Inspiration and Pride: I was inspired to join ACCA because of its depth of studies which provides a foundation that can support us to branch out into various fields. Its global reach and multinational environment make me proud to be part of the ACCA community.

Journey so far: I have completed 10 papers of the qualification so far and the highs have been passing all papers. The lows are not many but just overcoming the challenge of grasping so much knowledge and answering 2 papers each sitting.

Special mention: PwC’s Academy Middle East where I am pursuing studies from and PwC Abu Dhabi office where I got the opportunity to intern.

What’s next:
I plan to finish the rest of the ACCA course and the Oxford Brookes University BSc in Applied Accountancy degree by April 2021 hopefully and then work to gain practical experience.