Varsha Sagar

Published on:
March 1, 2021

Internal Auditor – Leading Jewellery company in Bahrain.

Inspiration: Due to my early marriage I had to quit studying at the age of 17. I wanted to be an accountant at quite an early age as I am quite numerical and analytical, and it was the career I always wanted. At the age of 32 I had the opportunity to complete my education and pursue the field which always intrigued me as a child. I finally chose ACCA because it’s a reputable, valuable and highly respected qualification and the leading professional accounting body in the world, being an ACCA member will significantly increase my chances of progressing to the top management position and I will be a part of a global professional body with a reputation for driving global standards of professionalism, integrity, ethics and accountability. It wasn’t an easy journey for me as a single parent with lots of responsibilities, but I also knew it’s not impossible to achieve your dreams if you are self- disciplined, motivated and ready to give your best. I was confident that I made the right and the best choice. The fact that the ACCA exams are not easy and are challenging is what gives the qualification its prestige and ultimately incredibly rewarding.

Highs and Lows: ACCA has been a major part of my life. Juggling work, family, children and studies wasn’t easy at all but I always kept myself motivated and had a detailed and clear set of goals. I couldn’t pass every exam the first time despite my best efforts to be successful, but I never gave up. and now having the certificate on my wall is the reminder of all my hard work over the last few years.

ACCA Community: Becoming a member of the world’s most forward-thinking body – ACCA, has boosted my confidence personally and professionally.  Having the ACCA designation after my name is indeed an indication of a dedicated professional and a great honor. It’s an asset to my future endeavors, because ACCA members are being ethical and highly professional people with integrity. Today I am a proud member and part of that network. Being a part of a global professional body, it improved my career progression because of the world class reputation of being an ACCA member, I am now able to work in any business sector from the financial services and public practices to the public and corporate sectors. It sets me apart and opens doors to the most exciting and rewarding career opportunities across the world.

Appreciation:  I am forever grateful to Linda Roby, the only person who helped me in completing my studies and keeping me motivated, my family who always supported me throughout this journey and never let me give up and last but not the least my two beautiful children.