Yousuf Khamis Al Mabsali

Published on:
September 22, 2020

Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs,
University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Ibra

Inspiration: My interest in pursuing ACCA qualification did not come by chance. After being awarded an MSc in finance from the UK, I looked for a reputed professional qualification and ACCA was one of the top professional qualifications which had a great reputation here in Oman.  

Journey: I have been successfully recognised as an ACCA member since June 2019. The journey was not easy at all and it was challenging but at the same time rewarding. It took me a few years to complete ACCA, but the experience gained was invaluable and I met many people and friends throughout the journey. Indeed, I decided to complete the final level of my exams in England during my PhD journey. It was a pleasant memory when I gained both qualifications at the same time.  

Achievement: I am extremely grateful to ACCA for shaping my entire career. Currently, I work as Assistant Dean for Administrative and Financial Affairs at Ibra College of Technology in Oman. ACCA is not only helping me to act professionally in the workplace and offer professional advice whenever required but it further allows me to make network and connections with professional members globally.  

ACCA Community: ACCA is actively taking a significant role in supporting all its students, affiliates and members during the COVID 19 with great advices through various online webinars to cope with this crisis. A final advice to ACCA members is to register with the Certificate in Digital Innovation for Finance introduced by ACCA, which aims to develop our knowledge, skills and awareness in the area of digital technology and its impact on the finance profession.