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Do I still need to comply with the CPD requirement?

h.deiki Posted new comment February 8, 2021

We understand that the impact of Covid-19 may result in members being furloughed/off-work and as a result, they may not be able to fulfil their CPD requirements. If this applies to you then you can apply for a waiver for the period when you are not active in the workplace. A minimum of one month’s absence from work is required in order to be eligible. Waivers will be granted pro-rata to the period of absence from work. Please wait until the earlier of: (a) when you have returned to the workplace, so that you know the extent of the period you’ve been absent from work; or (b) late December, before applying for a waiver.

You can apply for a waiver in one of the following ways:

Online* through myACCA
downloading a CPD waiver form and sending it to us in writing. *Select “Career break” from the drop-down menu if you have been furloughed/are off work due to Covid-19.

Please note the same arrangements are available for our members who may have a long-term or serious illness, be caring for a family member, be on maternity or paternity leave, be unemployed, or taking a career break. Further information on waivers can be found in the managing you CPD area of the website.

In all cases, you should retain documentary evidence related to the waiver application for a period of three years. You will still have to complete your annual CPD declaration. Please refer to the CPD waiver guidance .